Mcglory Fashion Magazine is all about embracing talented individuals everyday!
After working as a stylist for several companies, our Editor-in-Chief, Alarick McGlory created this magazine with the concept of ‘No themes, No gimmicks, Just Fashion’.
He always wanted to create something every artist could contribute to.
MFM features work in categories of Beauty, Art, Lookbooks, Ad-campaigns, Test Shoots, Fashion Editorials and Boudoir portraits celebrating women's figure and silhouettes. These are the categories that can be worked on all year long and once published with us, your work becomes your achievement, something you could show your prospective clients.
At MFM, we don't only pay attention to ‘Commercial Fashion’, rather we represent a platform where your publications become marketable and profitable in the long run. 
Because it isn't all about our magazine and how fancy it looks, but about all the contributing artists, how they actually benefit from being in it and how they can let the world embrace their creations. 
Submit your work to us at
Build your name, build a brand, build an empire.

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